Join the Virtual Party November 21st-22nd

The return of the Grandest Lan

We are thrilled to be able to once again together with Turbolarp bring you the ultimate EUIV multiplayer experience, now in an online version inspired by The Grandest Lan Party events (2017-2019). We aim to recreate the atmosphere of the real life event, while we hope to be able to bring back the physical event soon. It is Paradox’s and Turbolarp’s vision to have a fantastic community get-together and make it an EUIV celebration.

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Multiplayer Europa Universalis IV is the ultimate challenge for grand strategy game afficianadoes. Coordinating co-operative operations to take down big blue bullies before making that fatal backstab that undoes centuries of friendship. All in the name of history.

Participants will be divided into teams of three and together play one nation at the time. Collaborating in decision making, doing diplomacy and creating a nation’s chronicle will be among activities available. Adding to this, the stream audience will also have a chance to influence the experience of the participants.

Since 2017, The Grandest LAN has been the signature multiplayer event for EU4 fans, but, because of the history we are now living through, an elaborate castle event is impossible this year.

But that does not mean that the history wars have stopped! This year, the Grandest LAN is moving online, opening up the event to even more people who, in previous years, would have been deterred by the travel involved.

Additional information

21st-22nd of November 2020
9.30 AM - 10 PM CET each day.
For a detailed schedule please check the Event Guidelines
Play from home
10 hours of gameplay each day, plus two one-hour breaks
Number of participants
75 (25 three-person teams)
Game version
Most updated version of EU4 including all DLC (you do not need to own anything yourself.)
Tech requirements
Computer(s) that meets minimum specifications for Parsec and reliable internet access. Note: Teams may play distributed geographically as long as each player has their own computer. Each member of a team will gain access to a team-computer via remote control.
Ticket Price
299 Euro per team. Each team has 3 participants
For questions please send us an email at: [email protected]

Ticket includes

  • Access to the game via Parsec Game Streaming Technology
  • Access to the exclusive event Discord server
  • Editor access to the special Chronicle webpage
  • Access to the exclusive participant activities (More info in the Event Guideline Document)
  • Support before and during the whole event
  • Test session before the event
  • Game Masters running the experience
  • Surprise Paradox’s gift box including exclusive EU4 apparel (more info later!)

About the Experience

Though we cannot completely replace the in-person experience of the LAN, we aim to co-create with participants the most interesting story possible using the EU4 game as a main frame for interactions.

Keep in mind that this event is NOT designed to be competitive. Though it is important to play your best, and to try to succeed, the primary goal is not to find the best EU player in the world. The main focus will be around creating a great story in general and for your team. This is best seen as a roleplaying event.

As usual, three-person teams collectively run a nation in Europa Universalis IV. Each team may assign or rotate the roles as they see fit, but each team will require a Ruler (the active player doing in-game stuff), a Diplomat (responsible for negotiating with other teams) and a Chronicler (contributes to the event Chronicle page, notes events as they happen).

The whole event will be streamed via official Paradox channels so participating is an opportunity to be a part of the stream. Interaction will happen through an event Discord and wiki, archiving the ongoing history and diplomacy of the game.

This event tries to maintain a collegial tone of mutual respect and civility.

Who would have fun at this event?

  • Anyone who loves Europa Universalis IV! You don’t need to be an expert at the game as the teams also need diplomats and storytellers
  • People who love telling the stories about the games they play
  • People who can play games about conflict without getting consumed by the desire to crush to their opponents
  • Anyone who enjoys the social aspect of large multiplayer events
  • Performers who embrace the idea of being on camera to amuse an audience.

Document icon Event Guideline

The Event Guideline document is an overall description of “EUIV: The Grandest Virtual Party.” This is where you will find all the essential information about the experience and what to expect. It explains how the event is designed, and the gameplay structure and rules. You will also find important dates, links, and tech requirements within this document.

The document will be updated frequently.

Event Guideline →