Online Event 11-12 December 2021

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Since 2017, the Grandest LAN Party has brought together EU4 fans and developers in a fresh and new kind of strategy role-playing experience, unique in the industry for participants and audience alike. Challenged by a global pandemic, the 2020 event was online only, adding even new twists and turns to this gaming event. Unfortunately, it looks like we will not be able to play again in person until 2022. But we promise that this year’s online event will be something special.

As always, Players will be grouped into teams of three, united to further the cause of a single nation, collectively planning and executing the diplomacy and intrigue that typifies Paradox grand strategy.

But this year, we have a new kind of scenario planned - one created based on player feedback from the 2020 event. Participants asked for more roleplaying, so let’s write a new story together.

The Experience

Europa Universalis® IV Character

First, a reminder to veterans of the LAN and to newcomers - the Grandest LAN is not designed as a competitive event.

Though we encourage you to play your best, it is important that this game be fun for all, so the best players are those who engage in the best storytelling within the confines of Europa Universalis IV. The game is the stage for the play, but the goals of the game are not the same as the goals of the LAN.

Each team of three will decide among themselves who will fill which roles as they collectively guide their nation through the centuries. Teams will need to communicate with each other and other teams, craft propaganda to earn the favor of the audience watching at home, and plan a grand strategy of war and diplomacy.

This event will be streamed via official Paradox channels. Communication will be done through an official Discord channel.

Mutual respect and good sportsmanship are essential to the LAN experience.

The Scenario

Europa Universalis® IV Character

A prophecy of an upcoming apocalypse has shaken the leaders of Europe.

The prophecy speaks of a Great War that will end history, but some believe that this disaster can be avoided.

The nations of the world have formed Leagues committed to stopping the prophesied War to End History, each league convinced that they know the way to control the future. Trust and fear keep the Leagues united as they seek a new way forward.

In this year’s LAN scenario, there is no one, easy way to overcome rival Leagues. Each nation and group of nations will have their own objectives, and a variety of ways to meet the challenge.

Practical Info


11-12 December 2021


10:00 - 22:00 CET




Play from home


20 hours in 2 days. (10-22 CET)


63 (20 players teams plus developers team)


Newest patch; All available DLCs (you don't need to own a copy of EU4!)


Computer(s) that meet minimum specifications for Parsec and reliable internet access. Note: Teams may play distributed geographically as long as each player has their own computer. Each member of a team will gain access to a team-computer via remote control.


299 euros per team


For questions please send us an email at: [email protected]


This is where you will find all the essential information about the experience and what to expect. It explains how the event is designed, and the gameplay structure and rules. You will also find important dates, links, and tech requirements within this document.

The document will be updated frequently.


Tickets Sold Out


*Each team has 3 participants

Tickets include

  • Access to the game via Parsec Game Streaming Technology
  • Access to the exclusive Discord server (just for participants)
  • Access to the dedicated stream sessions
  • Support before and during the whole event
  • Test session before the event
  • Game Masters and NPCs running the experience
  • Surprise Paradox’s gift box delivered to your place
  • Design Document which includes gameplay rules, team and role-play guidelines and communication tools